R and J Photography

Whether you are selling a product, your services; or creating a bit of fantasy maybe? Personal or Corporate, if you need to look good whether on the web or in print we can help.


Some suggestions:

  • Brand Development. Photographs help define the idea you're working hard to develop.
  • Magazine and newspaper ads are more effective with photographs.
  • A photo illustration will get your point across in print or on the video screen.
  • Event photographs. Whether it’s a fashion show or mud-sling.
  • Selling a house or car? Maybe some photos with a little “punch” might help.
  • That idea or product you’re selling could really use a brochure or web site to give it the polished look it deserves.
  • Environmental portraits. Taken in your home, office or favorite hangout.
  • Portfolio development and expansion. Capture that creative idea for your modeling portfolio.
  • Maybe a little private glamour to spice up your mood.
  • Huge wall murals!


Please call or e-mail to discuss your projects and ideas.


Professional Photographic Services

Options include:


  • Photographic session in studio or on location
  • Custom digital retouching
  • Photographic prints
  • Archival (fine art) prints
  • Document layout
  • Complete pre-press development
  • Production management of your promotional items.



Basic Rates:* Don't let the prices deter you from inquiring. We prefer to develop project specific pricing. Rates here are provided as a reference.


  • Quick Head-shot and Portrait Sessions $150
  • Basic sessions start at $250.
  • Standard day rates: $750 for a half-day, $1,500 for a full day.
  • Digital retouching is $150 per hour, minimum of $75.



These prices are for either a simple studio style session or a basic location shoot in the Palm Beach County area. This includes minimal lighting, images captured to digital format, basic processing and delivered electronically either by computer disk or on-line transfer.


* Prices subject to change without notice.

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